Dress Green Day 2012


Event Date: 18 June 2012 (Monday)
Activities: Encourage employees:  (1) "Dress Green, wear green and comfortable clothes",
And (2) donate old clothing  for recycling, and receive a small potted plant as a souvenir.

Environmental Effectiveness:

(1) encourage colleagues to wear green clothes not only bring out environmental messages, but also reduce the amount of air conditioning used, to maintain the indoor temperature at 25oC
The reduction of electricity consumption is estimated 5% (temperature raised 1oC);

(2) The total amount of recycling clothes is 160, about 82kg. All clothes are donated to St. James's recycling program. This activity not only avoids these clothes to be dumped into landfills, but also allow recipients to buy fewer new clothes. It is estimated to reduce carbon emissions about 500kg. In addition, small green plants can also add fresh air to colleague's office and improve indoor air quality.