Neighbourhood First Reunion Lunch 2014

“Neighbourhood First Reunion Lunch” is an annual programme to bring together people in the community and show concern and care. “Neighbourhood First Reunion Lunch 2014” was held on 25 January 2014. There were altogether 1,000 tables filled with over 12,000 residents from the neighbourhood in 18 districts.   

To show our commitment of a “Go Green Organization” and implant the green DNA into our participants, we implemented the following green measures to achieve the goal. Hopefully the residents would know more about the good environmental practices in their daily life, and spread the key environmental messages in the community.

Preparation before the Reunion Lunch

We encouraged the participants to bring their own cutlery sets before the event, and also we reused cleaned cutlery sets. By these means, we reduce the consumption of disposable tableware.

During the Reunion Lunch

We encourage participants to use their food container to take leftovers away. Also we emphases our GoGreen strategy and approaches in our MC speech and volunteer sharing in each table, to remind the participants the importance of eat wise and environmental protection.

Some districts set up some food waste reduction campaign and activities to encourage the participants to join and educate them the importance of saving our planet.

Follow-up Actions after Reunion Lunch

We set up three sets of recycle bins in our three districts with over 100 tables (Kowloon City, Yuen Long and Sai Kung) and encouraged the participants to utilize these recycle bins for proper recycling after the event.