HKFYG Green Working Week

To encourage our staff developing the low-carbon lifestyle in their work and daily life, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups organized “HKFYG Green Working Week” from 22-29 September 2014, to encourage our staff “Dress Green, Eat Green and Travel Green” together!

“Dress Green”

On 22 September 2014, our staff wore smart-casual clothing in order to cultivate our staff to set the air conditioning to around 24 - 26°C and reduce their dependence on air-conditioning.


“Eat Green”

HKFYG Sustainability Unit worked together with Café21 and HKFYG Organic Farm to promote “More Vegetables, Less Meat” low-carbon eating habit. On 22 September, Café21 provided the organic vegetarian meals. There was also promotion activity for Organic Vegetables to teach the staff the message of “Eat Green”.


“Travel Green”

We encourage our staff to use the public transport instead of driving private cars from 22 to 29 September so as to reduce carbon emission in the transportation.


“HKFYG Green Snap”

To further motivate our staff to practice the green lifestyle, HKFYG Sustainability Unit organized “HKFYG Green Snap” in Facebook and encourage our staff to join. To win the contest, they have to upload some interesting photos which show their environmentally-friendly behaviors to Facebook. We received 32 photos from 19 HKFYG units in this activity. Among these photos, the photo from HKFYG Organic Farm attracts interest for most people by showing their eco-friendly fashion. Let’s see some of our GoGreen creativity by our staff:


To become a “Go Green Organization”, HKFYG will continue to encourage our staff to develop the green lifestyle and motivate them to adopt in their daily life and work.