Community Recycling Network 2016-2017

In order to get prepared for the Municipal Solid Waste Charging, HKFYG cooperates with EPD for the project of “Community Recycling Network”, and sets up the collection outlets in the youth space. Public can recycle plastic wastes, glass bottles and electronic products through the collection outlets, thereby reducing the amount of municipal solid waste.



HKFYG encourages the public to form a habit of waste reduction and recycling through the collection outlets of the youth space, so as to reduce the usage of landfill.
Through the promotion of the youth space and the support of the youth and public, we collected a lot of recyclable material, and the weight of them as of July 2017 was 59,892.2kg which are equal to the weight of 37,432 large dictionary books.




Gift Redemption Plan (Applicable to collection outlets with gift redemption)
If the recyclable wastes reach the specified quantity, we will issue a stamp. Public can accumulate a sufficient number of stamps for the gift redemption.(1) Redemption criteria:

      Recyclable wastes        Stamp(s)
       Every 15 plastic bottles        1
     Every 10 glass bottles        1
      Each small electrical products        2

(2) Gift
Each of the collection outlets with gift redemption has different gifts. For more details, please contact the relevant collection outlet.

Collection Point
Waste Reduction and Recycling
青協Apart from the collection outlets, HKFYG also organizes different environmental activities for the youth to experience the environmental protection.