Environmental Measures in Neighborhood First Reunion Lunch 2018

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, HKFYG organized the “Neighborhood First Reunion Lunch 2018” on 3 February 2018 to engage neighbor’s participation in 18 Districts.

Besides sharing the joy and happiness with our neighbors, HKFYG is also keen on enhancing the neighbour’s environmental awareness in the activity. Since 2013, HKFYG sets up environmental measures in the “Neighborhood First Reunion Lunch” to educate our staff and neighbours the importance of green living.

In this year, our environmental focus of the activity is “Waste reduction and enhance recycling”, with different environmental measures being implemented on that day.


Environmental measures

We have implemented the following environmental measures in our Neighborhood First Reunion Lunch 2018:

(1) Waste Reduction at source

  • No bottled water was provided to the participants. We also provide kettles for the guests to refill water.
  • We prepared the re-usable cutlery sets and cups for the guests to use.

(2) Enhancing the recycling behaviors of the participants

We set up recycling bins at the event venue to collect waste plastic bottles and other plastics.


(3) Other environmental measures

  • Before the event, participants were encouraged to bring their own water bottles, cutlery sets and lunch boxes.
  • MCs encourage participants to consume all the food and take away the unconsumed food to reduce food waste generation. MC also reminded the participants to put the waste plastic bottle to recycling bins when leaving.
  • Volunteers were arranged to manage the waste generated including collecting the general waste and the recyclables.