“Neighborhood Reunion Dinner” is the HKFYG once a year to the neighbrhood sent warm blessing and care of the big day. HKFYG will hold a total of 1000 seats Poon Choi opened in the 18 districts of Hong Kong on January 14, 2017, which will be hosted by the young members of the neighborhood team to celebrate their anniversary.

Starting from 2013, HKFYG was added environmental elements to the reunion dinner to bring warmth and concern to the public. Recalling the experience of the reunion dinner, most of the participants are beginning to consciously cherish food. Most of them will eat all the food and take away surplus food to reduce waste.

In this year’s reunion dinner, in addition to continue to focus on pity food elements, we will also step up recovery measures in the reunion dinner to establish the environmental protection practices of our colleagues and the public.


Recommended Environmental Protection Measures

We will propose the following environmental measures in Neighborhood Reunion Dinner 2017:

(1)    Enhanced Recycling Arrangements

a.         Use three-color recycling barrels of self-made recycling barrels for recycling。








b.          Arrange co-workers of volunteers to manage recycling at the venue including place the recovered items properly in the recycling bin, put out the items of wrong collect in collection box to classification again and recovery and transport the recovered material to the center for disposal.
c.         Reduce the use of water bottle and disposable packaged beverage where feasible, and replace the disposable cup with a reusable cup. We also actively consider arranging self-service equipment to add beverages and potable water to reduce manufacturing waste.








d.         Co-workers and volunteers will encourage the public to collect the recyclables in the appropriate recycling bins before they leave.

e.         After the event, co-workers and volunteers will collect all kinds of reusable items such as station number, microphone card, video board, etc., and keep it for the next year.

(2)    Activities of the cherish food elements:
We will through co-workers and volunteers in the reunion dinner to personally to make people to build up awareness to cherish food including encouraging them to eat and take away the rest of the food. Each site will also actively consider the possibility of recycling food waste to reduce waste of food.











(3)    Site layout:

a.         When we decorate the venue, we will minimize the of unnecessary decorations.

b.         We will turn off the venue unnecessary lighting, in order to avoid waste of electricity.


(4)    Improve Environmental Awareness & Encourage Environmental Behavior:

a.         Before the event, participants were encouraged to bring their own water bottles, cutlery and lunch boxes to reduce the waste of disposable tableware.

b.         We will encourage the MCs of various districts to promote green messages on the stage to promote the culture of cherishing food.
c.          Co-workers and volunteers will encourage participants to fill the cup with water, eat all the food, share food and take food away from each other to establish their environmental habits.








For more detail information about the “Neighborhood Reunion Dinner”, please visit:http://neighbourhoodfirst.hkfyg.org.hk/