Leadership 21 – About Us

Leadership 21 of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups came into operation in April 2000, and has provided comprehensive, systematic, and professional leadership training for youth leaders from 15 to 34 years of age. Our aim is for participants to explore their leadership potential, enrich their personal knowledge and experience, as well as foster a sense of responsibility for their future contribution to society.

Mission and Vision

Leadership 21 strives to nurture and train high-quality youth leaders for the development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the 21st century, helping to lay a more solid foundation to help realisation of the principle of “One Country, Two Systems” and “Hong Kong People Ruling Hong Kong”. Through diverse modes of training, Leadership 21 trains youth leaders to:

  • Be concerned with, and committed to, the development of the nation and society
  • Be willing to pursue lifelong learning, and be able to master changes in a knowledge-based society
  • Develop a vision and build a global network of liaison and exchange
  • Be able to think critically and independently
  • Nurture creativity and adaptability
  • Contribute to building an equal, just, and harmonious society, leading to the sustainable development of Hong Kong

Our work

Over 120,000 secondary and university student leaders have embarked on a journey of leadership training during the past 15 years. Our centre has provided over 1.1 million training hours, and over 90% of the secondary schools have nominated student leaders to take part in our training courses. Moreover, over 300 renowned leaders of our society were invited to attend dialogue sessions, and shared with students their visions, words of wisdom, and invaluable experience from a wide variety of fields. Various government bureaux, tertiary institutions, and private corporations have also commissioned us to organise different leadership training programmes in order to enhance the potential of youth. In 2006, we also launched the “Hong Kong 200” Leadership Project to nurture youth leaders who have a desire to serve our society. 200 student leaders will be chosen annually over the course of 10 years, and will be taught the skills to take on a more proactive role in community affairs and service to Hong Kong.

Programme Characteristics

The courses of Leadership 21 have been tailored to fit the development needs of society. Our content focuses on both theory and utilisation, and a practical and innovative approach has been adopted in terms of its design. We aim to provide a diverse and comprehensive mode of learning, including lectures that can widen the scope of students and workshops to enhance leadership skills. Adventure-based training also aims to raise self-confidence and facilitate team building. In addition to the consultation of instructors, opportunities to practice and for overseas exchange enhance the entire learning process to make it a great challenge and a unique interest for youth.

Future Developments

As we look into the future, Leadership 21 will continue to preserve our principle of nurturing potential youth leaders, and join hands with different sectors of society to carry on the work of intensifying and exploring multiple realms of leadership training programmes, building on the solid foundation of our work in youth development through the years. We also publish a series of books specialising in youth leadership in the hope of enriching relevant knowledge of youth in this area. In addition to our efforts to establish a “Leadership Institute”, our organisation will endeavour to lay a strong foundation for leadership development in Hong Kong.


Address: Unit No. 2, LG2/F, Shek Pai Wan Shopping Centre, Aberdeen, Hong Kong