Environmental considerations are an integral part of our day-to-day operations; we follow these 8 environmental guidelines when offering our services:


  1. Environmental Management ﹣Set measurable objectives to establish, develop and monitor our environmental initiatives.
  2. Environmental Audits ﹣Conduct a comprehensive baseline assessment, energy and carbon audit, to identify specific energy saving measures and waste reduction goals.
  3. Pollution Control, Energy Efficiency ﹣With reference to international environmental and energy management standards, continually improvethe environmental performance of services units.
  4. Reduce resource consumption, Green Procurement ﹣Use all resources on the principle of “4R – reduce, reuse, replace & recycle”. Considerenvironmental performance
  5. Green Building ﹣Integrate green building concept into the design, construction, and operation of our facilities, to improve staff productivityand reduce the overall impact on the environment.
  6. Staff training ﹣Raise staff awareness of environmental protection through skills training and field visits, to integrate green concept into the youth services.
  7. Environmental education ﹣Strengthen awareness and participation of youth in environmental programmes. Make environmental educationmore interesting and more efficient.
  8. Communication & Partnership ﹣Use our extensive network to promote environmental education by interacting positively with stakeholders in local industry, commerce and the public sector.in the procurement of goods and services.