HKFYG has formulated a strategic STEER approach for our GoGreen development.


1) Staff Motivation and Cultivation
We motivated our staff to participate our different fun environmental activities to build up their interest in environmental protection. We also utilized different communication channels to spread the key environmental messages and gather their GoGreen ideas, which are beneficial to consolidate our staff’s green behaviors and improve our GoGreen strategy.


2) Setting up clear GoGreen Targets

HKFYG developed a measurable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure our GoGreen performance. We will monitor the implementation progress for Green KPI and amend the Green KPI when required


3) Education and engagement for youth

We will organize various environmental education activities to influence and inspire our youth to GoGreen in their daily life. At the same time, our staff will also be responsible for raising youth’s environmental awareness through actively participation in different green activities.


4) Evaluation and Audit

HKFYG will monitor the GoGreen performance of each unit and make improvements where necessary.


5) Research for GoGreen opportunities

HKFYG will continue to explore society’s sustainable development needs and opportunities. Through collaboration with different organizations to strengthen our GoGreen influence in the community and meet youth’s needs.