HKFYG is committed to transforming into a green youth organization. The vision is to embed sustainability and environmental protection into the core and fundamental value in HKFYG through development of GoGreen footprint in every HKFYG’s service units. At the same time, we aim to build up a role model to influence our youth to become green citizens in the society.



To achieve this, we have formulated the following development goals in planning our green initiatives and environmental activities:


1) To become a green youth organization:
We are committed to protect our natural environment by reducing our Federation’s carbon emissions. We improve the Federation’s green operations by implementing different environmental measures and installing the energy efficient items in our units.


2) To implant green “DNA” into our core services:
We deliver the youth services and education activities in environmental friendly manner. We also encourage our units to put the green elements in designing their unit’s activities for influencing staff and youth to go green.


3) To train the trainers:
We enhance front-line staff’s environmental awareness and understanding by providing them necessary environmental training and fun environmental activities. We also encourage them to bring these green messages to our youth and the community;


4) To cultivate and educate a generation of green youth:
We provide various environmental activities for youth to build up their environmental awareness and the necessary environmental knowledge.